Lua scripting in OpenMW

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Re: Lua scripting in OpenMW

Post by silentthief » 02 May 2021, 14:38

ptmikheev wrote:
02 May 2021, 00:26
What to expect in the nearest months
I think that at first we should focus on adding features, that are not possible via MWScript. UI, camera control, custom AI.
Looking forward to what can be done with these two: Camera control, custom AI

I could see a modder making a mod that changes the ending of the mad god questline of tribunal, so that instead of just freezing you when you meet Almalexia in the tower of Sotha Sil, so she can talk to you, instead the camera could do some dramatic close up of her, or some other trick with the camera

(youtube vid of that meeting ->
(questline for that meeting -> ... _Sotha_Sil)


As for AI, the concept of Morrowind Comes Alive as a way to give NPC schedules (as in, they come out during the day or go inside at night, maybe head to the tavern around dinnertime) is a start to making NPCs have actual behaviors other than the AI wander thing which makes then just walk around in the general location. AI would give the ability for plugging in certain behaviors which would make things WAY more interesting, such as proper fleeing (instead of an NPC who just runs around in the same interior, they go through doors and run to the nearest guard if attacked) or a modder could have a dark brotherhood attack where the NPC attacks, then runs away after sustaining wounds, only to lead the player into a trap with many more dark brotherhood assassins.

Just floating a few thoughts, and looking forward to the future of OpenMW

ps - edited for clarification
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