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Re: Shadows

Post by damiel » 16 Jul 2017, 17:49


I had some time to play around with your implementation but made some different observations, for example the terrain is not white for me but it seems the textures are mixed up or so, like there is a stone texture where before there was a sand textures and such. Also i seem to rarely find any shadows, atleast there are no shadows in interiors and i only see shadows in some exterior cells. But when i see shadows it seems they are independent of the view angle, they are just black blobs basically.

One thing i found in the terminal output was this:

Code: Select all

FRAGMENT glCompileShader "" FAILED
FRAGMENT Shader "" infolog:
0:9(39): error: unsized array index must be constant
0:10(78): error: unsized array index must be constant

glLinkProgram "" FAILED
Program "" infolog:
error: linking with uncompiled shader
I gonna continue to play around with this but it would be nice to know if there is anything i might have overlooked there...

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