Oculus Quest VR port

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Oculus Quest VR port

Post by tomtastico » 11 Aug 2019, 19:07

Hello, given that OpenMW works in Android, how feasible could be a port to Oculus Quest, to be able to play in VR?

I tried running the current Android version and it worked fine in 2D mode (Oculus TV), just like in a phone. So I think it's a matter of adding the VR bindings and controls.

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Re: Oculus Quest VR port

Post by cercata » 11 Sep 2019, 12:14

The ball is now on Facebook's roof:
"Oculus says they plan to provide runtime support for apps built for OpenXR on Rift and Quest later this year."

https://www.roadtovr.com/openxr-0-9-pro ... entations/

Rift port was technically posible since some time ago, but it wasn't done because some supposed licensing problems between GPL and the Oculus SDK, and with OpenXR that shouldn't be a problem anymore

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