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Android gamepad issue?

Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 02:43
by Ronburgundy666
So just got going and this whole project is amazing. Plays great. I got a red magic 3 and the two "game handles". I figured this would be the ultimate setup and I was mostly right. The problem is that the right joystick I have mapped to the look/camera of the game. So I press to look up and it looks up. But when I release the joystick it goes back to the original position. Same with any direction. Look left then straight back to where it was. Has anyone encountered such an issue before? I've tried messing with in game settings and out of game settings to no avail. The left joystick used for moving behaves normally. And if I switch the two handles I get the same results. I have no idea what to do haha any help would be appreciated.