Save File location on Android APK?

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Save File location on Android APK?

Post by ConnorCarbon » 18 Jun 2018, 23:42

First of all, 10,000 blessings upon the team that made it so I can play my owned copy of Morrowind GOTY on my Android devices.

Quick question though: I'm just trying to find out where to go on my Android Phone to copy the save files and paste them over to my tablet so that version of OpenMW can open them? I can't find them, though. Where does OpenMW store these files on Android device installs? And when we find the answer, can it be posted to this wiki page?

More details: I'm trying to set up an auto-sync (or even an occasional copy paste transfer of the save files) so I can play the same save game files no matter which Android device I'm using to play OpenMW with. Right now I have OpenMW Installed on a Moto Z 2 Force Edition Smartphone running Android Oreo and a Samsung Tab E Tablet running Android 7.0 I think. On either of the devices, when I visit the Save Files folder, I only see the save files that were copied over from my PC originally, but on the smart phone, I've already created phone-specific save files by playing OpenMW (using the .APK file) yet I can't find any of those files on the Android Smartphone itself (only in the game when browsing for a file to load). Even more bizarre is that the OpenMW Android APK does not recognize the save files that were copied over from my computer, which leads me to believe OpenMW Android APK creates and accesses a different file altogether for its own save file management? This would make it even more important for an obvious end-user notifier of where the APK looks for save files, so that someone could (possibly?) access their already-created save files from the vanilla PC version and (possibly?) have them work right away on OpenMW Android APK!

So could there be an update in documentation of the Paths file now that the glory of Android Morrowind is now being attained?

Thank you in advance for your answers and for the incredible development work that went into OpenMW!

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Re: Save File location on Android APK?

Post by TheRealNerevarine » 25 Aug 2018, 05:31

I'm in the same boat as you. I don't know how to paste the code into my phone so I'm just gonna wait here with you for an answer.

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Re: Save File location on Android APK?

Post by mojoswagger1980 » 25 Sep 2018, 18:41

ok. the save location is /sdcard/android/com.libopenmw.openmw/share/saves/(save title)/(save title).omwsave. please note any save game you transfer must in the .omwsave format not the original . there is a converter if this is an issue available at mod nexus.

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Re: Save File location on Android APK?

Post by Spideyguy123 » 25 Sep 2018, 22:42

Wow. Crazy that we're using the same phone. Thank you for helping, as I was hoping to play between a few devices as well.

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Re: Save File location on Android APK?

Post by karlatlujan » 08 Oct 2018, 12:53

to be honest I don't have the knowledge to paste the i think i ll be waiting for a some time

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