Android part 2

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Re: Android part 2

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Someone who speaks Russian and is a mod should verify that server's what it says it is. I approved the post without actually joining the server to check it.
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Re: Android part 2

Post by docent27 »

I have been present on that server from the very beginning. We help users of android devices to launch their favorite game on their mobile phones, together we solve issues and problems that an android user may encounter.
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Re: Android part 2

Post by javouindo »

Can somebody post a new invite for the Android port discord?
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Re: Android part 2

Post by EvilRussia »

javouindo wrote: 02 Sep 2021, 17:07 Can somebody post a new invite for the Android port discord?
International Discord server for OpenMW users on Android devices, and more. We will help, tell and teach you how to run OpenMW on any device.
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Re: Android part 2

Post by psi29a »

Okay, but why not come to the official OpenMW Discord that has a dedicated Russian language channel where the OpenMicroWave / OMW / OpenMW/ TES3MP devs hang out?

It would make more sense to consolidate the servers so that people just need to go to one place to have their questions answered. The more people we have, the better it gets, the more channels we can open up to specific topics. Including other languages.
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Re: Android part 2

Post by burgerrito »

Is openmw-android repo discontinued? I just checked the dev's repo and it seems like the repo has been discontinued. The repo's README.MD also says "No longer under development". Can someone confirm this? Is there any reasoning behind this?

I am not mad or anything. I am glad and grateful that this project is a thing, and it's all thanks to this community and also the author of this project (xyzz?).

I really want to continue this project, but unfortunately--although I understand Java and also C++-- my knowledge about Android developement is not (yet) good, and also my experience working on a project is just little.

Again, thank you for making this possible.
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