Android part 2

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Re: Android part 2

Post by pulion » 24 Feb 2021, 12:11

Discord server for OpenMW players on android.

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Re: Android part 2

Post by chriskreeps » 01 Mar 2021, 13:40

Does anyone get a missing sound bug when in exteriors? On the latest 0.47.43 for android on the market...downgrade to 0.47.42 works fine.

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Re: Android part 2

Post by Sisah » 05 Mar 2021, 19:44

Here is fresh .apk based on today nightly with grass paging instead of instancing for better performance + modified vtastek shaders with some optimizations. ...

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Re: Android part 2

Post by javouindo » 30 Mar 2021, 19:43

first i would like to thank you guys for developing this

A few years ago ive decided that since i sit in front of a computer the whole day i wouldnt game on a computer anymore, so im always looking for ways to play PC games on the Tv, in this case, on an Android box

And since ive never played this one before its a real treat for me

- I am playing morrowind on a Android Box, Tv and Bluetooth controller
Ive searched most of this thread (to be fair only missed pages 20-40) but havent seen anyone talking about this issue. Maybe it does have an easy fix im missing
The menu controls
It im using a bluetooth controller but everytime i open inventory, map, conversation, i have to manually choose every option with a mouse pointer controlled by the left analog stick
and it doesent work all that well... in fact its very hard to really hit what you are trying to hit?
Sometimes you can see the game changes menu options based on your D-pad presses, but it wont accept the input of the confirmation button - for this you have to point the option with the mouse pointer
Is there a fix?
Some way to control and select menu options using only the d-pad+buttons?

Ive NEVER used a single mod for a pc game
and yet i see there´s a lot for morrowind
ive found the website with the mods related to OMW
Do you guys recomend any mod in particular?
Do they work fine with the android version?
And do i have to start a new game if i decide to apply a mod - im still in the beggining, but if i could keep my save it would be nicer

thanks again!

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