Play two players in tes3mp on one PC using ASTER

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Play two players in tes3mp on one PC using ASTER

Post by zherot » 28 Jan 2020, 19:20

I would like to play MW with my GF using a program called ASTER, this program makes so in 1 pc you can use it as if it were 2 PC's, i have 2 monitors etc,etc... we have used it succesfully to play WoW and other games, would it be possible to play this mod like that?

Also I would like to ask... I mostly would like to play MW vanilla with little modifications but graphical, a lot of graphical modifications, maybe one of those MW patches that include tons of visual improvements, would that be possible?

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Re: Play two players in tes3mp on one PC using ASTER

Post by testman » 29 Jan 2020, 16:05

It should be possible. As far as I understand this technology that is.
It would require you to understand some basics about how TES3MP connects to TES3MP server and how network works between the two terminal that you have.
But if you managed to set up two terminals from one PC, then I assume that you are skilled enough to easily figure this stuff out.
Do you have any specific graphics mods in mind already?

Also feel free to reach out to us in OpenMW and/or TES3MP related chatrooms (Matrix, IRC, Discord) if you encounter any issues while setting this up.

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Re: Play two players in tes3mp on one PC using ASTER

Post by silentthief » 29 Jan 2020, 22:02

I'd like to add - let us know how this goes. This may be another way for people to try multiplayer if interested, and this option may be something worth keeping in our notices/knowledge base.

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100% not a dev, but I know a little about Linux, MW, and scripting. I try to help. LMK if you have any questions.

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Re: Play two players in tes3mp on one PC using ASTER

Post by Seldalore » 31 Jan 2020, 21:24

I started a topic some months back that may be of help here (hopefully to the both of us), regarding split screen Morrowind. You can run OpenMW twice (two instances), which can both connect to your local TES3MP server, each loading a different character saved in your TES3MP server.

I had two OpenMW windows on one screen (wouldn't be an issue if you've got dual monitors), side-by-side, with two characters loaded and functional, but the only drawback I found is that there is no joypad selection per instance and no background input (at least not since I last checked).

You'd have a simple multiplayer Morrowind on one computer without any extra requirements if you found a workaround.

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