You can now try out a prerelease of 0.7.0 before the final version is released

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You can now try out a prerelease of 0.7.0 before the final version is released

Post by terabyte25 » 09 Oct 2018, 01:53

From here.
You can download the prerelease of 0.7.0 for 64-bit Windows from here: ...

This demonstration with Zaric Zhakaron gives you a good look at many of the new features and fixes included in 0.7.0:

Version 0.7 has had the most difficult development of any TES3MP version. For a long time, Koncord wanted it to be a large rewrite of the project, including a complete rewrite of our server app, as well as a brand new and more elegant scripting system for our Lua scripts. All new major features were supposed to be exclusive to that rewrite.

Unfortunately, that rewrite has never actually worked out for the most part and has now been put on hold. I've spent the past months just going back to our old codebase and adding a lot of features and fixes there, in an attempt to come up with a release that can live up to the immense expectations created by such a long delay for the project.

The result is essentially my Plan B for 0.7 that attempts to bring the project back on track after the Plan A failed, and you should adjust your expectations accordingly. That means I've fixed dozens of problems, but it's been impossible for me to fix everything you've been hoping for. Still, it's a significant step forward in enough ways.

Spend a few days testing this prerelease so we can ensure I haven't added any new crashes by mistake and that I haven't broken anything that used to work fine before. Afterwards, I'll do the full release, with a suitable trailer for it and a long announcement that goes into detail about everything that's been added or changed.

For now, here's a summary of what's new:

- Weather is now fully synchronized, with sudden transitions when teleporting to other areas and gradual transitions when walking across regions.
- The explored world map is now saved and loaded, along with all discovered markers on it.
- Items can no longer be duped in containers.
- Summoning-related bugs are mostly fixed, although your summoned creatures are still aggressive towards players who have hit you in the past.
- Throwing weapons are now mostly synchronized except for some edge cases.
- Spells cast through items are now synchronized.
- On strike enchantments are now partially synchronized.
- Custom spells, potions and enchantments can now be created through regular gameplay, and their details are sent to other players on a need-to-know basis, preventing unnecessary packet spam.
- Server scripts can create new records or override existing records for NPCs, creatures, spells, potions, enchantments, armor, books, clothing, weapons and miscellaneous items, allowing all those types of objects to be created or replaced on the fly by the server.
- NPC followers now follow players correctly from interiors to exteriors and vice versa.
- NPC followers are now willing to follow any player, not just the player on whose client their AI is currently running.
- Many packets are no longer outright accepted by the server, and need to be approved in server scripts before their corresponding actions run on any of the clients.
- Server scripts can cancel any object activation in the game or any item use in a player's inventory, or override it with any desired custom functionality.
- Server scripts can send AI instructions to actors that allow them to target any player, actor or placeable object in the game, allowing for the beginnings of multiplayer-friendly NPC schedules.
- Server scripts can enable collision for any placeable objects in the game, and – as an example – pillows have collision enabled by default.
- Server scripts can check which player or actor has killed which player or actor, including kills done through spells.
- Server scripts can disguise players as creatures in a less buggy way than before.
- Server scripts can check whether players are sneaking and whether they have their weapons drawn or their spell-casting hands out.
- Server scripts can change a player's momentum, sending them flying through the air or forcing them to start falling.
- The menuHelper class added to the default server scripts allows for much easier creation of advanced custom menus, although the menu style cannot yet be changed.
- Time synchronization has been reworked to involve less packet spam, and waiting/resting no longer causes a brief advance in time on clients.
- The saving and loading of the current ingame date has been implemented.
- Journal entries now have their timestamps saved and loaded.
- Framerates have been significantly improved by halving the physics FPS by default.
- Ingame videos no longer have hardcoded synchronization, with their synchronization now being handled by server scripts.
- Player reputations are now saved and loaded.
- Mark locations for players are now saved and loaded.
- Players' selected spells are now saved and loaded.
- Bound items can no longer be made permanent by quitting the server while having them in your inventory.
- Witnesses to the previous crimes of a resurrected player will no longer keep attacking that player.
- Werewolf players who die and get resurrectd will no longer be regarded as known werewolves by the world's inhabitants, and will thus no longer keep being attacked forever.
- Changes to your inventory, equipment, attributes, skills and dynamic stats now get sent to the server much more often, in smaller packets that only include the changes that have happened.
- There should be far fewer packet integrity problems for slower connections, thanks to improvements made by Koncord to our fork of RakNet.
You can download it for Linux from here.

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