questions about set up server

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questions about set up server

Post by uwu666 »

I have several questions and I decided to ask them in one post so as not to spam.

I want to configure my server to be as close as possible to the singleplayer but for each player, that is basically:

- that new players spawn in Census and Excise Office of Seyda Neen
- that each player can do all the quests

for the first thing, I plan do it with OriginalStart script by urm(, please tell me if I need to do any additional configuration in config.lua

For the second thing, I'm thinking of doing two things:

set all "config.share...." to false in config.lua.
use CellReset script (I still don't know which one to use), about this I have a few questions, since I don't know exactly what resets
this respawn dead NPCs?
this removes objects placed by players from storages?
Is this a solution that allows players to do quests that were already done by another player?

please let me know any corrections or recommendations
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Re: questions about set up server

Post by Seldalore »

The cellreset script I use is available by Atkana (see below for link). Just make sure you blacklist cells you don't want reset (whatever your hoard den ID may be). There is an option in there that lets dropped items / placed objects persist, but whatever is in the containers is reset. The other settings you mention achieved the result you're after (Original Start, and unshared journal, etc.). ... /CellReset

Edit: After days of use, my blacklisted cells did (eventually, randomly) get reset (my treasures!!!1one). If you know of a working cell reset script, let me know.
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Re: questions about set up server

Post by MaywormIII »

I've been using uramer's CellReset ( I haven't seen any reset yet but I'm looking for the same result as the OP. If you find something, let me know.
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