openmw 0.46 testing doc feedback

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openmw 0.46 testing doc feedback

Post by sjek » 06 May 2020, 11:13

now that release is near this is kinda just a showcase.
there has been effort to catalogue, descripe and test o.46 changelog issues. ... sp=sharing
would say that issues marked green are ready to test. some are simple and some requires a mod.

have been wondering, is the test case writing, good way to go about this but it was the request and simplest way besides the descriptions.
making a groundup for 47 gives a much more freedom as time isn't so limited and could require more extensive writing.
so would ask for any feedback, critique for the look and functionality of this doc.

can be also given in "some casual openmw testing server" or ping me in openmw discord or mmc, thought not always online so here or this discord or openmw discord for testing purposes would best.

would anyway like to see controllers tested out althought functionality is quite simple

Code: Select all

Feature #4001: Toggle sneak controller shortcut
        - by default, tapping the sneak button twice toggles sneaking and one tap cancels.
        If the toggle sneak setting is used, the effect is the same as in pc.
                Test: try to sneak with the setting and without.
Feature #4360: Improve default controller bindings
        - imidates now original xbox morrowind
                 Test: observe and validate the default inputs, that they work at least.
Feature #5046: Gamepad thumbstick cursor speed
        - there is now "gamepad cursor speed" option available for settings in settings.cfg
                 Test: try out and use the menus .p 
Feature #5098: Allow user controller bindings
                 (abdu-RC1-win-andr), partly tested, needs full compatible controller.

Bug #5082: Scrolling with controller in GUI mode is broken
        - you can now scroll with right analog stick in respective guis
                 Test: find or make a long paper scroll 

there's also PR additions on top, for RC1 which are listed. not sure about the desctriptions on part of them thought.

I think listing tested ones in two places (under their subsections and under already tested) clutters the document overly.
For reference purposes they are good under their subsections but not really in readable form, hard to concentrate on specific line.
Made empty lines between green ones to improve readability, and the same for tested would need some color coding maybe
but then this document goes overly long and hard to read for that matter.

any thoughts, suggestions ?
thanks in advance.
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