Armor Rating Formula

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Armor Rating Formula

Post by Wolvman » 04 Mar 2019, 04:15

Hey everyone,

I'm not exactly sure where to put this but I wanted to bring attention to the armor rating formula listed here:

This is the posted formula: rating = armorBaseRating * armorSkill / iBaseArmorSkill
Also this: effectiveRating = Cuirass * 0.3 + (Shield + Helm + Greaves + Boots + LPauldron + RPauldron) * 0.1
+ (LGauntlet + RGauntlet) * 0.05 + Shield spell effect magnitude

It doesn't seem to be taking into consideration that armor rating drops when the armor's condition drops. It's not a visible number change on the individual piece of armor that was damaged but the total armor rating that shows below the character will drop. As soon as the armor is repaired it raises back to its correct value. At least that's what's happening in my test using the original Morrowind engine. I've not yet tried it in OpenMW as this is for an MWSE mod.

So, my goal with this post is to see if anyone knows what the actual formula is including how armor condition affects it. I also wanted to bring to light my test results in case OpenMW isn't already calculating the effects of the armor's current condition.

EDIT: Nevermind. Did some more testing and found that it's simply armorBaseRating * armorSkill / iBaseArmorSkill * (currentCondition / maxCondition). Should this be added to the wiki?

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