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Re: Images

Post by Ravenwing » 07 Jul 2018, 16:36

wareya wrote:
06 Jul 2018, 17:39
If the images are part of the documentation, why wouldn't they be versioned alongside the text?
I was thinking about this too, especially if the wiki might live in a separate repo itself.

AnyOldName3 brings up the problem with this though. If you add relevant documentation to something, it should be merged with the corresponding feature. In order for our docs to be properly version controlled, I think they need to live alongside the actual source. (I don't believe he was talking about images being the problem psi29a) Otherwise, for devs to add to documentation, they would need to reference their docs PR to be merged with the feature PR and that just sounds like a hassle. Plus, ideally someone would be writing documentation for the actual code and we have some autodocs stuff going on that I believe has to live alongside as well.
psi29a wrote:
06 Jul 2018, 07:47
I honestly think the style they have is professional and to the point.
Oh ya, I don't want to mess with their stylesheets, just see if we can add a slight modification to the images to make them pop more. Something to keep in mind though, we'll have to make sure it only applies to certain types of images. I want to be able to use inline substitutions for our CS button art. Perhaps we can attach the style to images with the

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.. figure::
directive rather than

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.. image::
Or if it's possible we could add as an option to the image/figure directives, for example:

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.. figure:: example.jpg
	:type: tutorial
And tie whatever styling we wanted to the tutorial type. No idea if this is possible though, sooo...

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Re: Images

Post by Ravenwing » 20 Jul 2018, 06:11

Figured out the drop shadow! RTD recommends the method so should work. Won't do a PR just yet, we need to find an external image host still. Anyone made any headway in this regard? Until we do that I don't want to edit the images we already have to remove their baked in shadows (currently it looks very weird to have two sets of drop shadows, so figured I'll keep it as is for now).

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Re: Images

Post by psi29a » 20 Jul 2018, 09:11

Until someone has a better idea, I'll just create a git repo on GL. Update images or add/remove images... just standard git. :)

For now it can be the container for anything binary we wish to present in the docs... including example assets.

Maybe in the future we'll push all documentation to here, but that is just an idea for in the future.

I thought perhaps we could use the same layout as what we already have in openmw/docs/source/

basically: openmw-docs/manuals/openmw-cs/_static/images/chapter-1

What do you think?

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