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Wiki migration

Post by Ravenwing » 02 Jul 2018, 08:34

Due to the very hard work by psi29a and I'm sure several of the other devs, we now have a nice unified platform for contributing on GitLab. Part of what still needs to be done is migrating the wiki! This is going to be a huge pain to do manually, but I know psi29a said there was going to be difficulty automating the migration. I've done a bit of work on moving some of it to our official RTD documentation, the most recent results can be viewed here.

I really only feel like the texture related topics on the wiki still need to be migrated, so hopefully I'll be wrapping up soon. I've grown tired of trying to double check every instruction on the wiki for accuracy, so I've ended up basically just copy-pasting and adding formatting. I hope to improve the actual content in the near future, but until then if anyone feels something should be improved, submit a PR!

This all means I'm going to be working on moving what's left of the wiki into our GitLab wiki. Once again I'm probably going to be mostly copy-pasting, but I'd like to streamline the navigational aspects of the new wiki at the very least. Right now we have pages pointing everywhere and redundant links all over the place. For the most part though, I'd like avoid working too much on the existing wiki as I hope to fully transfer everything soon.

I've also found a lot of the wiki pages aren't really relevant anymore, and I think anything that we aren't maintaining shouldn't be migrated (such as wishlist and exclusive features).

If anyone has any ideas on how best to go about all this I'm all ears. I'd also love to have some help, so if anyone who doesn't feel comfortable contributing code has some spare time, feel free to lend a hand!

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