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Christmas ~modding [email protected]!

Posted: 25 Dec 2019, 21:01
by Marblez10
Hello and Merry christmas everyone!
I am new to the modding scene and have been looking in every crack of my Google results for info about what can help me get to the desired mods running on my android. I'm stone walled. The openmw.cfg is empty except for some text at the top. "You are free to edit this" or something. And then just a blank page. Makes me wonder if adding anything would even help. I've checked a lot of YouTube videos and the most notably ones are messing with the text in a file explorer app. But ya, that's where I'm at. I also have pretty dim understanding about all of this. Any suggestions would go a long way.

Re: Christmas ~modding [email protected]!

Posted: 26 Dec 2019, 22:45
by Brandonhortman
Dont use the cfg file.
What are you having trouble with?
Are you familiar with the file structure of the game?
I just started on Christmas too, but I'm well seasoned in modding and already have many mods running no problem.