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carried lights without models

Posted: 20 Dec 2019, 06:23
by eddie5
This mod's NPC companion has a light in her inventory with the model subrecord left blank:
In vanilla she stands there happily holding an invisible torch, but in openmw, as soon as it gets dark she gets a big yellow "!" and the error is logged:
Failed to load 'meshes/': Resource 'meshes/' not found, using marker_error.nif instead
Frankly, the openmw behavior is what I'd expect - it's different from the vanilla behavior however so I thought I'd raise a flag.

I suspect shields might be affected also, I've seen MCA guards get yellowed out when putting their weapons up after a fight (the Mournhold attack for example). If it's relevant I have weapon sheathing enabled but not shield sheathing.

Re: carried lights without models

Posted: 20 Dec 2019, 11:37
by akortunov
Use bugtracker instead - such topics on forum usually got buried by new topics quite fast.

As for "invisible" torches, I am pretty sure that it is just a bug in assets - mod's author just forgot to assign the mesh.