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Issues with Emma's Laura Craft companion

Posted: 18 Nov 2019, 21:26
by 21niceguy
Hello. I have some issue with Laura Craft - Emma's mod to Morrowind. She just don't follow me and she's pretty bugged. I tested that on OpenMW 0.46.0-18, OpenMW Nightly 0.46.0-30 and an actual OpenMW on Windows. Earlier I tried to do some research about it, but sadly I can't do nothing about it. I hope somebody can help :roll:

Re: Issues with Emma's Laura Craft companion

Posted: 27 Nov 2019, 00:48
by eddie5
The one thing I did to get her to work - and she *IS* working fine for me as I type - was to rename her script from 11AA_LauraScript7.5 to 11AA_LauraScript7_5 (decimal point to underscore - and make sure her NPC record points at the new name of course). It's my understanding this should no longer be necessary, but it sounds like you're having the same issue I did before the change.