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How to obtain Better Clothes for Bloodmoon Plus v1.5

Posted: 08 Oct 2019, 18:22
by havx
So the main download on Great House Fliggerty ( and any working wayback link is for an outdated version, v1.3, where the latest version is actually v1.5. This version is found in the "additional files" section on the GHF page. However, that link for BC Bloodmoon Plus v1.5 is broken and has been for well over a year (it's corrupt due to something messed up with the PHP behind the link and how the file is actually a .7z archive and not a .zip archive, I believe).

I've managed to get around the broken download link by utilizing command line web requests to download the file; specifically with PowerShell on Windows.

Here is a one line PowerShell command to download Better Clothes for Bloodmoon Plus 1.5:

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$url = ""; $output = "$env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\BetterClothesBloodmoonPlus1.5.7z"; Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $output
I assume there is an equivalent command one could run on MacOS and Linux to obtain it.

If you open the archive you will note that the readme states v1.3 but don't be concerned, it must not have been updated. The file dates are all newer for v1.5 and the esp file size is larger and has more changes than the v1.3 download.

Re: How to obtain Better Clothes for Bloodmoon Plus v1.5

Posted: 08 Oct 2019, 19:59
by havx
I figure I may as well lay out how to obtain the latest and most complete "Better Clothes"...

Better Clothes v1.1:
Common Shirt Fix:
Shoes Fix: ...
Expensive Female Shirt Fix:
More Better Clothes (you do not need the MBC_ArmsFix as it is already included in the main download):
Better Clothes for Tribunal:
Better Clothes for Bloodmoon Plus v1.5: See the post above for one method to get this
Pants Fix for BCBMP: ...

I found the Dropbox links in this guide: ... -replacers

You will need "Better Bodies", as it is a requirement for "Better Clothes". Here is the most generally recommended version:

"Races Redone" will also work instead of BB since it's actually just the meshes of BB that are needed, which are included in RR as pluginless files:

I strongly recommend "cleaning" the main "Better Clothes" esp unless you want to encounter the "Who's there?" bug.


Could a forum moderator weigh in on if it would OK for me to attach a cleaned "Better Clothes" esp and the BCBMPv1.5 archive for those who are not yet enlightened or able to do it themselves?

Re: How to obtain Better Clothes for Bloodmoon Plus v1.5

Posted: 26 Nov 2019, 21:32
by Iolite
Hello, I'd like to mention that I faced the same problem and used a different solution that works too:

1. Click on additional file link to find out its actual address (don't forget to stop the page from loading all these errors) .
2. Copy and paste that address into TXT file.
3. Open this TXT in browser and choose "Save link as..." from the context menu.
4. Rename the saved file with its original name: "". Try unpacking it - it works! ;)

Here is my original post on GHF where I discussed this issue: ... 00#p101748

I'm not implying that my method is better, of course (it's not automated like yours). But maybe it will also be of use to somebody. This will work for all additional files on GHF that currently have this problem.