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This map mod is an awesome idea!

Posted: 06 Sep 2019, 15:33
by claudekennilol
I didn't really know which forum to post this in, so I'm posting it here. But this really cool mod popped up on my feed and I think it's one of the coolest ideas I've seen for a morrowind map mod (probably because there aren't very many (if any) of them). This mod isn't (and can't be probably ever without specifically being written into the engine) compatible with OMW. But it's super cool and I just wanted to post about it.

Basically it just replaces the in game map with an image of the map that shipped with the physical copy of the game. I love that map and have it (and also Oblivion's, Shimmering Isle's, ESO's, and Skyrim's) hanging on my wall in my office. But Morrowind's physical map has always been my favorite because of its beautiful hand drawn aesthetic.

Anyways, here's a link to the mod just to check it out and see some screenshots.