Faction Training mod issue

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Faction Training mod issue

Post by Rivacy » 27 Mar 2019, 01:57

Hi! I'm new to openmw using Version: 0.46.0

https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mod ... escription hit a bump with this one
got a few mods running but this is my first issue

You get a bonus from ranking up in factions but my problem is rank 5 of the thieves guild gives you 10 agility, but when that happens the game sort of freezes and I can hit menu or rightclick and that's it. I saved the game and loaded it and get this message "magic effect can't have both a skill and an attribute argument" and I'm booted back to main menu.

I dont know enough about modding this to like troubleshoot or fix the issue. I can skip the optional dialogue training and not have to deal with this but I'd like to figure something out.

Any advice?

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Re: Faction Training mod issue

Post by Capostrophic » 27 Mar 2019, 02:32

The issue has already been reported by someone quite recently (five hours ago, in fact) and the fix is pending.

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