Balmora River House

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Balmora River House

Post by lambda » 17 Nov 2016, 15:35

Balmora River House by Calislahn (my favorite "small, serviceable house for a starting adventurer" mod) can be found in

Besides the main three, only Cali- RiverHouse.esp loaded (notice the inconspicuous space in the mod name) in openmw v0.40 on arch linux. No load errors on openmw-cs. In the log I have a:

Failed to open image: Resource 'icons/' not found

but have not been able to track down the problem.

The jars contain nameless pink squares. Opening up openmw-cs tells me that they are lights with id kwdontremove. No scripts attached, neither any of the mod scripts make any direct reference to it. These do not appear in vanilla and my guess is that it is connected (and solved in the incoming 0.41) with the bug "Items that should be invisible are shown in the inventory" in . Sorter sometimes wonky in that not all ingredients are transferred from the inventory to the jars. This also happened in vanilla, so not attaching too much importance to it.

Besides these minor niggling things, everything works as it should.

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