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Telvanni Exterior UV Fix v1.0 by Plangkye

Posted: 04 Nov 2016, 21:46
by Atahualpa
This mod corrects the UV mapping of Telvanni exterior meshes in order to make them seamless and not appear distorted. While the mod itself works fine in OpenMW, it brought up another issue which I want to document here -- in case anyone encounters the same problem.

I'm talking about the "tx_wood" bug. It occurs when you install Bloodmoon: The add-on introduces a new ingredient, "Heartwood", which can be obtained from dead Spriggans. The ingredient's model uses the "tx_wood.tga" texture, whereas the vanilla Telvanni models make use of the "" texture. Since Morrowind does not distinguish between texture file types but rather looks at the files' names only, "tx_wood.tga" replaces the .dds file. This leads to the weird observations I erroneously thought to be the result of wrong behaviour on OpenMW's side: OpenMW: Differences in handling UV maps compared to vanilla Morrowind.

To cut a long story short: If you want to use the correct textures on your Telvanni exterior models, you have to extract the original file from your Morrowind.bsa -- e.g., by using the BSA Unpacker MW -- and place it in your Data Files\Textures directory. The downside of this solution is that the Heartwood model will look different now (see below). To fully solve the issue you'd have to extract the .dds file, rename it, and apply the renamed texture to the Telvanni .nif files (you could do the same with the .tga file instead but keep in mind that you'd have to extract the .dds file to your Textures directory anyway.)

Heartwood after extracting the .dds file.
Heartwood with Bloodmoon texture.

Re: Telvanni Exterior UV Fix v1.0 by Plangkye

Posted: 04 Nov 2016, 22:08
by Capostrophic
I think you've mixed the images. The heartwood should look like wood (like in Bloodmoon), while Telvanni exteriors should have that green cover (which they lack after Bloodmoon).
There actually was a proper fix to the bug.

Re: Telvanni Exterior UV Fix v1.0 by Plangkye

Posted: 04 Nov 2016, 22:17
by Atahualpa
Thanks, definitely time to get some sleep.

And, yes, players may simply use the mod you've mentioned. Thanks again.