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Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds and Graphics (MGSO) v3.0

Posted: 31 Oct 2016, 13:08
by Atahualpa
Full thread title: "Morrowind Overhaul - Sounds and Graphics (MGSO) v3.0 by ornitocopter". :roll:

I've been testing individual MGSO mods for quite some time now. In the course of the Wiki page overhaul, I have created a new Wiki page which contains (or better: will contain) a full list of all mods MGSO includes.
As a future reference for people like me who desperately searched for the MGSO credits -- only to find the corresponding Wiki page filled with spam -- I upload a back-up of that particular site's content here.
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This thread is open for everyone to discuss MGSO's compatibility with OpenMW.