Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0 by Miltiades, MrTS, and Tyana Rie

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Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0 by Miltiades, MrTS, and Tyana Rie

Post by Atahualpa »

There is a single error in the "Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0.esp" file which prevents most of the audio files from playing. There are two possibilities to solve this issue:

1. Data Files way
  • Install the mod.
  • Switch to the <Data Files>/Sound/Vo directory.
  • Create a new folder "Ur".
  • Switch to <Data Files>/Sound/Vo/D-Ur.
  • Move the file "A noble ambition.mp3" to the newly created "Ur" directory.
2. OpenMW-CS way
  • Install the mod.
  • Open "Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0.esp" in OpenMW-CS.
  • Choose "Assets" -> "Sounds" in your menu bar.
  • Navigate to the entry "A noble ambition".
  • Change the Sound File property to "Vo\D-Ur\A noble ambition.mp3".
  • Save your newly created "Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0.omwaddon" file.
  • Uncheck "Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0.esp" and check "Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0.omwaddon" in the OpenMW launcher.
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Re: Dagoth Ur Voice Addon v1.0 by Miltiades, MrTS, and Tyana

Post by Darklocq »

Even simpler way in Linux and MacOS, at the command line:

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cd /[your path to this]/Sound/Vo
ln -s D-Ur Ur
Trying to do it with a MacOS alias will not work; it has to be a Unix-style symbolic link. I have no idea if using a symbolic link (as opposed to a shortcut) in Windows will work; I have not played around with Windows's implementation of symbolic linking yet, and don't have a Windows box to test with right now.

PS: I use this symbolic linking method to manage mod resources a lot; it's a third alternative to the original Morrowind way and the OpenMW multiple data directories way, and is more expedient than the latter when testing something simple (a self-contained .esp that doesn't need to put anything in Data Files subdirectories). You can just go into your main Data Files directory and do something like "ln -s ../../Downloaded_mods/Mod_name/modname.esp ." to make it available without editing a config file and without moving or copying the actual esp. If you delete the real mod later, OpenMW will ignore the dead symlink if you forget to remove it.
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