The Lighting Mod v1.0 by Sensei

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The Lighting Mod v1.0 by Sensei

Post by Atahualpa » 28 Oct 2016, 18:54

I recently tested this mod -- don't worry, everything works fine. The only thing is that this mod modifies the Morrowind.ini file, and people may, for whatever reason, not want to re-import their OpenMW settings from there. As I have already created a text file containing all settings that the mod changes, I decided to just put them here. Find the fall-back colour settings for the weather types in your openmw.cfg and replace them with the ones below.
Contains the fall-back colour settings in blocks (sorted by weather type)
(8.99 KiB) Downloaded 252 times
Only contains the changed fall-back colour settings per block
(5.64 KiB) Downloaded 161 times

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Re: The Lighting Mod v1.0 by Sensei

Post by techwych » 26 Dec 2016, 00:15

Thank you!

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