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Post about your mods, learn about OpenMW mod compatibility, check for problematic mods, discuss issues, and give us feedback about your experience with modded OpenMW.
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Welcome to the Mod Compatibility subforum! Before you start digging through the topics or creating new ones, please read this introductory post.

What you should expect from OpenMW regarding mod compatibility
One of OpenMW's goals is to provide full compatibility with each and every vanilla modification as long as
  • it is a pure replacer or a modification created by using the original Construction Set,
  • doesn't rely on third-party software or other engine hacks,
  • doesn't contain any severe scripting errors or other crucial design flaws.
If you have a problem with a mod which fulfils these conditions -- and you have properly installed OpenMW and the modification --, there's most likely an error on OpenMW's side. In this case, don't be shy of complaining about this!

Where to find information about mod compatibility
For the time being, there are three major places to go: Please check at least the first two places before you start a new topic about a certain mod.

What this subforum should contain
This subforum serves several purposes:
  • inform users about new developments regarding mod compatibility (e.g. implementation of MWSE backward support),
  • give a quick overview about problematic mods,
  • discuss issues found by our designated testers or other users (cross-linked with the Wiki page),
  • answer questions regarding certain mods and general mod compatibility,
  • allow users to give us feedback on mods they have tested themselves
  • allow mod authors to present fixes for their own mods (if there were errors on the mod's side).
OpenMW Players

If you use any mods, please consider filling out the Cramal's Google form. It asks about your experiences with modded OpenMW and any particular problems you had during gameplay.

Mod Testers

If you don't feel confident modifying our Wiki page, just create a thread here to let people know about your findings. While doing so, please keep some essential things in mind:
  • include the mod's name and, if possible, its version and author in your subject, e.g. "Silt Striders v1.16 by abot",
  • include a (working!) link to the mod
  • post your OpenMW set up (version, operating system, language, mod list)
  • if necessary for investigation, post your system specs
  • describe your problem(s) in enough detail -- ideally, everyone should be able to reproduce your problem on their PCs.
Wiki Page Contributors

It isn't necessary to create a topic for every tested mod, even if there are minor issues. These can be named in the Description row on the Wiki page. If there are major problems though, or problems which could confuse players, consider creating a new topic.
Don't forget: Obviously buggy behaviour needs always to be cross-checked with the bug tracker. In case of doubt, simply shoot me a privat message.