OpenTESArena 0.9.0 Released!

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Re: OpenTESArena 0.9.0 Released!

Post by psi29a » 08 Apr 2019, 19:52

Which is this month! :)

I did all the ground/leg work to make sure we were building against xenial 16.04 already.

So.. if someone wants to be 'that guy' and flip the 1 to a 4, please do.

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Re: OpenTESArena 0.9.0 Released!

Post by afritz1 » 09 Apr 2019, 04:07

I could use some help with this pull request if anyone knows Travis CI. Clang on macOS is using an older libstdc++ or something when it should be using libc++, so only a subset of C++17 features are available.

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