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Mod API/Repository

Post by ModdingOpenMWdotcom » 09 Mar 2019, 17:00

I've talked with a few different folks about this idea and wanted to start a larger discussion about it.

The website has a large database of mods (and growing), including information about compatibility, where to download, what to tweak (if applicable), and what the data or plugin load order should be. I'm going to be starting work on making all of this data available via an HTTP API that any application could consume (as json or some other serialized format.)

The idea is: as a user I'd be able to fire up my mod manager and browse a list of mods, simply clicking or what have you to select what I want and the rest is handled by the application.

Aside from just making the data available as-is, I'm wondering if mod manager/launcher authors would need or want any other features. I haven't written any code yet but I plan to make this available soon and wanted to solicit some ideas if folks had any.

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