Lysol's normal mapped texture packs

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Re: Lysol's normal mapped texture packs

Post by AnyOldName3 » 24 Jun 2020, 12:06

I'm not 100% sure it helps much to atlass things explicitly now object paging is a thing, or at least hopefully it won't once active grid paging is sorted out.
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Re: Lysol's normal mapped texture packs

Post by CMAugust » 24 Jun 2020, 14:12

Hmm, from what I can tell there is no automated atlasing going on with object paging. Project Atlas will still have its place unless that is true, no?

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Re: Lysol's normal mapped texture packs

Post by clocknova » 24 Jun 2020, 17:55

lysol wrote:
24 Jun 2020, 09:42
There was no modding forum back when this thread was created IIRC. Otherwise I would have obviously put it there instead.

Nope, I haven't, sorry. I started out with the imperial forts, but ran into issues with the parallax map. It simply isn't compatible with the atlas as of now.
Okay. Thanks for the reply. Your normal mapped textures are still my favorites. Would love to see you do more if you ever get the time.

What I would really love to see, however, is a comprehensive mesh & texture replacement pack (like Intelligent Textures) that is atlased and fully normal, spec, and parallax mapped. Right now my mesh/texure replacers folder is a hodgepodge of different packs, and I'm not always sure which one is overwriting what over the others.

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