Kung Fury

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Kung Fury

Post by Chris » 29 May 2015, 06:20

You've likely seen the trailer from some time ago. The full (30 minute) movie is out now:

It really delivered on what the trailer promised, IMO. It's just all-out insane and hilarious. I hope you like puns.

Relatedly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEkrWRHCDQU

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Re: Kung Fury

Post by HiPhish » 29 May 2015, 19:30

That was awesome, but really short. Basically every scene of the movie was also in the trailer as well. I'd love to see a Kung Fury series or a video game, that would be so cool.

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Re: Kung Fury

Post by scrawl » 29 May 2015, 20:08

I don't think I understood half the references, but it was still hilarious.

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Re: Kung Fury

Post by raevol » 30 May 2015, 02:27

Oh I thought it was just the trailer...

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Re: Kung Fury

Post by ezze » 06 Jul 2015, 15:48

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Re: Kung Fury

Post by KittyCathy » 01 Sep 2015, 21:55

This movie proves to me that cinematography many times surprise me.

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