XPS Xna Posing Studio

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XPS Xna Posing Studio

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Hello there :)

Today ive wanna show you something ive found few months ago
There was program XPS Xna Posing Studio olso known as XNALara

Imagine your favorite 3d game character and pose him as you like, in first case it was for Tomb Rider games but later evolved to practically any character. Cool huh? So ive got some silly idea to port morrowind playayble character models with clothes, weapons etc and make some silly comics like this guy https://www.deviantart.com/michaeljordy.

As there NIF addon for blender porting models to XPS can't be big problem, only problem i saw are join body parts and missing bones for eyes and mouth posing. but as we know morrowind can handle that.

Anyway if someone want port morrowind stuff uou can find XPS blender tools for import/export models here
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