show target resistances

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show target resistances

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On a recent playthrough I noticed that my stalhrim war axe with Shock Damage was not very effective against liches like gedna .

Using GetShockResist / GetFireResist from console showed liches have 50% shock resistance but no fire resistance.
I spend some money & time for a similar axe with Fire Damage and tried again (liches were easy now).

This made me realise one thing from other RPGs I miss in openmw : an identify option that allows to see (some) stats of npc/creatures.
A mod for this doesn't exist as faar as I can find.

Madd leveler and MultiMarkOMW mods do use commands/dialog from a spell.
Looking at their code indicates rather complex methods are used to achieve that.

Maybe a new magical effect is needed, but those seem to be hardcoded.

Does anyone know how to get command results onscreen using a spell in a simple way ?
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