Edit individual container inventory without affecting others?

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Edit individual container inventory without affecting others?

Post by ArashiAganawa »

So, I'm still hard at work on my mod, and the time has come to add crates, chests, etc, to the scene. I, of course, want to add items to them. Now, I know you can edit the records to change the inventory, but that will affect every single instance of said record. So if I put in 10 crates that are all empty, and edit the record, they will have exactly the same thing. If I want to do this and not have them all contain the same things, I have to create a new record every single time. Making a bunch of new crates, just to have unique inventories... am I missing something? Is there some way to edit the inventory of a crate and not have it affect every single one in the game that shares it's ID? I could use random lists and hope each one is different, but let's say I don't want to do that. Am I doing something wrong?
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Re: Edit individual container inventory without affecting others?

Post by silentthief »

The way it was done in original CS is to create a new ID for any UNIQUE chests, and put what you need in them. The vast majority of objects in the game have leveled lists (random items set at different levels for loot versus the players level), which you can create as well if you don't want to create a unique chest for every one you add to the game.

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