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New Game player spawn

Posted: 07 Feb 2021, 10:23
by DarkViperAU
Hello, i'm practicing with editor by trying to create single cell and place player in it. The problem is i couldn't find anywhere in game files sript or anything that do that. I found CharGen script with

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Player->PositionCell 61,-135, 24, 340, "Imperial Prison Ship"
Which i think that what i want. But this also require some preps, with which i need help
1. Player are marked as Unexpected Name even if i will create player NPC and fill all cells in it
2. How do i run this script, at the game start?

Re: New Game player spawn

Posted: 14 Feb 2021, 16:48
by sjek
hi. anyway as of long time.

1. how exactly ?
is the ID, player, and not just the name field ?
Just creating player npc works, preferencing it in a script.
placing it in the game as npc seems to be just normal npc tho
in my experiment so script needs to be used.

2. you can add it to the start scripts in mechanics drop down, causing it to run.
remember stopscript command tho.

script named main is hardcoded to run at start of a new game without any preparation.
this is also used in Morrowind, starting chargen and other scripts.

Chargenstate variable is hardcoded too,
to be 1 at new game start and -1 otherwise on load.