Vaultstones: Why Ride When You Can Soar? (Travel Mod)

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Vaultstones: Why Ride When You Can Soar? (Travel Mod)

Post by ImpliedVirility » 14 Feb 2019, 21:56

Greetings weary travelers!
Have you grown tired of walking about, only to miss a road-sign and end up hopelessly off course? Are you angered by the corrupt monopoly of silt-strider caravaneers who control and artificially deflate prices to drive out competition? Don't you wish there was a better way to get around Vvardenfell?

Well now there is, with Vaultstones!

Enjoy lore-friendly***, high-altitude, supersonic transport in the comfort of your own skin. Vaultstones provide you with the means to vault into the air with enough force to travel between cities. The Vaultstone will guide you on your chosen path until you reach your destination, whether that be a nearby city or the middle of a wilderness filled with violent creatures. Once there, Vaultstone Technologies very own, patent pending AirBreak™ device will carefully slow your descent until you are safely on the ground.

And speaking of safety, Vaultstones have been rigorously tested over the course of several days and the results are in! Compared with the competition, Vaultstones have proven time and time again to be the mode of transportation with the lowest risk of accidental injury:

Some of you may still have doubts, and we understand. Vaulting thousands of units into the air and coming back safely is no easy task, but after only a few setbacks early on our team has developed, implemented, and refined multiple safety precautions to keep you safe. Today, our founder and CEO uses Vaultstones exclusively for all his travel needs. Here's him giving a glowing review of the safety measures on his latest trip!

Wow! Looks like he had a lot of fun on that trip! By this point, you're probably wondering: "How do I use a Vaultstone?" Well, it couldn't be easier.
  1. Approach and use the Vaultstone
  2. Select your destination distance and insert the requisite gold coins into the receptacle
  3. Sprint away from the Vaultstone in the exact direction of your destination
  4. Enjoy your ride!
So what are you waiting for? Why walk when you can soar? Next time you want to travel, give your nearest Vaultstone a try!

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