Adding items to a merchant's spell list?

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Adding items to a merchant's spell list?

Post by Kerredai » 22 Sep 2018, 03:26


I'm thinking about how to create a sort of "spell library" mod that lets you unlearn spells, and relearn them for free later, and the obvious way would be to create a spell merchant with a negative Mercantile skill who you can teach spells to, but that would require the ability to add spells to a merchant's list.

Is that at all possible?

(I have next to no modding experience, so if the answer is "obviously" or "obviously not", please be gentle :P).

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Re: Adding items to a merchant's spell list?

Post by Jemolk » 27 Sep 2018, 23:42

I *believe* spell merchants sell all spells they know. If this is the case, it should be simple enough to add spells -- a script could call (insert merchant's ID here)->addspell (insert spell ID here). The problem: I don't think there is a function to get spell IDs available at the moment, so the idea can *almost* work, but not quite, and annoyingly, the blocker isn't actually doing the thing, but getting the information necessary to do the thing. Again. This is obnoxiously common with MWScript, and quite frankly the single largest reason the script extenders had to exist in my experience.

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