OpenMW CS Dialogues?

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OpenMW CS Dialogues?

Post by Szron » 16 May 2017, 12:56

I hope its good board for questions like this.
Can someone explain me, how do i make custom dialogues in OpenMW CS ?
I never did this (in Morrowind nor in OpenMW) and manuals for normal morrowind are not really covering with OpenMW CS at this part.
I made custom NPC, a Khajit named Test1 and i wanted to give him one specific Topic called Tes1Topic.
But i dont really understand how this Tes1Topic is connected to NPC at all.
I believe that its somehow connected to my test1 npc by typing its name in "Actor" field in my previously created Test1Topic in Topic Info...but its not working at all and my Test1 Khajit still uses his own khajit'ish dialogue options and i dont even know where they are coming from because theres simply nothing besides race configured in this NPC.
I get that race determine his dialogue options, but then, how can i add my own and disable standard ones? He just told me to get lost and completely ignored everything i typed in TopicInfo.

OpenMW CS manual is not covering this at all and i found nothing about this on OpenMW wiki too soo...Could someone explain it, step by step? Im trying whole day to figure it out and im already out of ideas.
It's my first attempt to mod something into morrowind and openmw soo i dont understand everything and how its connected to each other.
(And sorry for my poor english i hope its quite communicative)

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Re: OpenMW CS Dialogues?

Post by Amenophis » 16 May 2017, 13:28

I should creat a way to introduce your new topic through the NPC. I suggest that you create an exclusive Greeting with the words of your topic. And that will work.

For an introdutory tutoral I suggest Dialogue Challenge by Calislahn. You'll learn how to make your NPC not talk about everything, too.
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Re: OpenMW CS Dialogues?

Post by DestinedToDie » 16 May 2017, 14:03

Maybe this will help. You will need a little understanding of how scripts and such work.

I would like to point out that typing Canctunius Ponius in the actor field does not give your topic to him. Rather, it restricts the topic from appearing on everyone except for Canctunius Ponius. You will also need to have heard the name of the topic being mentionedfrom somewhere or it won't show up.

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Re: OpenMW CS Dialogues?

Post by Jyby » 16 May 2017, 17:52

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