TES3MP 0.7.0 pre-released

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TES3MP 0.7.0 pre-released

Post by DestinedToDie » 09 Oct 2018, 02:32

Version 0.7.0 of TES3MP, a fork of OpenMW that provides players with multiplayer experience, has been pre-released! Full details and download here. But in short, what's so good about this? Well, for starters, here are a few new features to pique your interest:

- Custom spells, potions and enchantments can now be created through regular gameplay, and their details are sent to other players on a need-to-know basis, preventing unnecessary packet spam.
- Spells cast through items are now synchronized.
- On strike enchantments are now partially synchronized.
- Weather is now fully synchronized, with sudden transitions when teleporting to other areas and gradual transitions when walking across regions.

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Re: TES3MP 0.7.0 pre-released

Post by terabyte25 » 09 Oct 2018, 02:42

Congrats to @davidcernat and @koncord!

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Re: TES3MP 0.7.0 pre-released

Post by unelsson » 10 Oct 2018, 23:32

Great job!

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