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Re: Help us plan OpenMW's future

Post by NullCascade » 15 Jul 2018, 13:39

Okulo wrote:
15 Jul 2018, 10:34
Go for it. If you want to be creative, but you can't write, paint or play any instruments, programming is a great way to still create something beautiful. Start out with something dirt easy like Python. Write small scripts that automate tasks on your PC. Dip your toes into some web development. Write an application that is centred around an object oriented design pattern (you'll know what it is once you get to this point, don't worry).

It's a long road, but there's a lot to discover.
Not to get further off topic, but I would advise against this if reverse engineering is what you think sounds fun. Python and Javascript will help you get up and running quickly in general programming, but set you up for difficulties if you want to know the low level stuff. You want a strong fundamentals in how computers work, not simple logic and huge abstractions. You want to know about managed memory, registers, pointers, and all the things that those languages try to hide from you. There are plenty of good resources out there though. Stanford and MIT both have free courses on C++, along with exercises, video lectures, and projects to help you get started.
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Re: Help us plan OpenMW's future

Post by Starsheep » 15 Jul 2018, 19:16

random off-topic quote, please see it as just mere punctuation

My former CTO used to tell me
Programming is a projection of human intelligence into a machine. Every line of code represents a form of your neural pathways and when your code runs, it's a bit of your consciousness that lives by itself outside of your organic shell

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Re: Help us plan OpenMW's future

Post by Thunderforge » 16 Jul 2018, 00:20

This is definitely getting off topic. It’s probably best to start a new thread about reverse engineering plugin bytecode, or to debate the merits of a Python as a programming language for doing that reverse engineering.

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