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Ho ho ho!

Posted: 27 Dec 2017, 17:51
by DestinedToDie
Christmas is over and Santa has left a little present for everyone.

On the 25th of December a patch for TES3MP landed, fixing bugs, enhancing server scripting and introducing a new interesting feature. Version 0.6.2 allows players to play NPC sounds and animations on themselves. Essentially, your character can now say almost anything that an NPC of your race and gender can say, using the new /speech command, and you can also play any of the NPC idle animations using /anim.

In addition to that, TES3MP has upgraded to the latest version of OpenMW, meaning that new features from OpenMW's main branch such as Scrawl's keyboard shortcuts are now included.

Happy holidays.

Re: Ho ho ho!

Posted: 29 Dec 2017, 04:30
by ArashiAganawa
The fun that can be had with this! Can't wait to try it out!

Re: Ho ho ho!

Posted: 29 Dec 2017, 11:06
by sg1efc
Cool, Thank you very much everyone. 8-)

Re: Ho ho ho!

Posted: 02 Jan 2018, 14:57
by claudekennilol
So at this point what's keeping it from being merged in to master?

Re: Ho ho ho!

Posted: 02 Jan 2018, 19:17
by lysol
You mean the multiplayer branch? The plan (sorta) was mostly to wait until TES3MP is fully finished before the two projects might merge.