OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by clocknova » 04 Jan 2017, 15:21

I didn't know the directories were restructured. I've still got the apps, all of the config files, and the resources and data folders in my main OpenMW directory, which is in my applications folder. Where does it all need to be now?

Was this mentioned somewhere that I missed?

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by sjek » 04 Jan 2017, 17:33

at least that's what it looks like from bug tracker. on windows so don't know exactly. easiest way would be save the saves and data files to other directory and uninstall, delete / install openmw
somebody with macOS would know possibly better ^^ (problem finding settings-default.cfg) (uncauht exception with older OS and qt4) ... 02bfc6c911 ... 7309404c74
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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by Lamoot » 04 Jan 2017, 22:58

Congratulations and thank you for the release! Time to fire up Morrowind again this weekend.

Great work on the release videos as well. They are pleasant to watch and I always like to check them out, even when I know about the new features :)

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by Cades888 » 20 Jan 2017, 00:39

Hey guys, great stuff!

Here's a potentially great idea, I wish I could do it, but what about making a NIFF Creator
Program so along with your finished projects we could create our own objects?

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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by Frik » 20 Jan 2017, 01:13

Cades888 wrote:what about making a NIFF Creator Program
While we are wishing, I believe I'd rather have snap to grid & terrain editing in OpenMW-CS. :mrgreen:
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Re: OpenMW 0.41.0 Released!

Post by psi29a » 20 Jan 2017, 09:26

snap-to-grid +1 :D If we don't have this, we should.

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