OpenSceneGraph port now playable

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OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by scrawl » 07 Jun 2015, 14:34

During the past three months, the OpenMW team has been hard at work porting their codebase away from the Ogre3D engine and towards the OpenSceneGraph rendering toolkit. The previous post talks about our motivations.

We are pleased to announce the porting efforts are finally bearing fruit - as in, all gameplay-essential features have been ported across, so users can enjoy a legitimate game of Morrowind in the OpenMW-osg branch.


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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Lazaroth » 07 Jun 2015, 14:37

Congratulations! Well done!

Could someone please compile a 64-bit windows version? :roll:

Edit: Ok, I've finished reading the announcement as well.

Great stuff overall. Additionally, it's been fun and interesting following the progress on Trello and Github.

I have one point I'd like to add regarding your 1.0 push suggestion. Since it might not contain everything the Ogre version has (shaders, distant land etc - things also shown in the various release videos by weirdsexy) and you said that background cell loading now would be trivial, I'd say it's a fair compromise to add it. People do love eye candy after all, and not having those dreaded loading bars might just make up for (temporarily) losing that eye candy.

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by sg1efc » 07 Jun 2015, 15:17

Great work everyone, Thank you! :)

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by K0kt409P » 07 Jun 2015, 15:30

Do you want bug reports against the osg branch yet, or should that wait until it's more complete? I gave it a spin and noticed several things that seemed off, but I'm not sure they are actual bugs or just the result of some missing subsystem which has yet to be ported. For example:
  • The sun was up in the middle of the night.
  • The fps counter shows 0 constantly.
  • A full screen loading screen comes up when moving between adjacent exterior cells.
  • Water lighting effect seems off (extremely bright in some angles, basically non-existant in others).
Regardless, great work so far! Very exciting progress indeed.

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by fanofyourwork » 07 Jun 2015, 16:04

Super cool news!! Very excited 8-) 8-) 8-)

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Uncanny » 07 Jun 2015, 16:33

Finally! Been waiting for this. Thank you all for your hard work! Could someone post a build please (win -64)? I really want to give it a try. :D

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by lysol » 07 Jun 2015, 17:17

Normal mapped texture replacers, exclusive for OpenMW:
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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Sslaxx » 07 Jun 2015, 17:53

Is the next release planned to be 1.0 then?
Stuart "Sslaxx" Moore.

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Pherim » 07 Jun 2015, 19:11

Best news ever! I'm so excited for this. Looks like switching to OSG was the best thing that could happen to OpenMW. Congratulations, I didn't expect it to be ported so fast (but then again, I have no idea whatsoever how long something like this usually takes :roll: ).

This is seriously the most amazing project ever!

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Re: OpenSceneGraph port now playable

Post by Ace (SWE) » 07 Jun 2015, 19:51

Lazaroth wrote:Could someone please compile a 64-bit windows version? :roll:
Guess what I've been doing the last day or two? ;)

My progress has been slowed a bit by my birthday, and the fact that I have to do it from my parents, on my linux laptop, using rdp to my home desktop, over wifi, in a caravan ~40m from the house.

At least there's 100/100 optical fiber here so the internet is nice.

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