OpenMW 0.32.0 Released!

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Re: OpenMW 0.32.0 Released!

Post by Tinker » 02 Nov 2014, 10:17

Some mods should work without problems, many do not work for various reasons. A lot of mods had script errors that were not detected by the Bethesda engine, or were ignored, OpenMW is less forgiving. The hope is that all patches extenders and fixes will be part of the OpenMW engine and as such these should not be required, though that will probably not be so until after 1.0.

In theory all mods will eventually work, I am currently testing many of the more popular ones and where necessary, and possible, liaising with the original authors to correct small errors and produce OpenMW friendly versions which will also work correctly on the original engine. Where I cannot contact the original author I am hoping to create an OpenMW addon mod which will be available for download from Morrowind mod sites.

I am not sure what you mean by saying you are waiting for it to come out, It is already out, the main quest and most side quests work, if you mean you are waiting for 1.0 then that is not a finished project that is just the point when all features of the original game are in OpenMW, basically it is the beginning of making a better game engine. In many ways playing it now and testing to see which mods work or not would be very useful, even if you do not know how to fix them just finding errors and posting messages is helpful.
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Re: OpenMW 0.32.0 Released!

Post by Zini » 02 Nov 2014, 10:47

To elaborate more on the script issue: The mission statement was to have full compatibility with all plugins that did not involve 3rd party binary tools. We are compensating for many broken scripts already (there are plenty of these in the default esm files).
But it turns out that there are just too many variations and compensating for them all is a bottomless pit (not to mention that it would make the OpenMW source code a mess). Still, I expect that the majority of MW plugins works without a hitch once we have reached OpenMW 1.0.

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