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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by xXShaddowTXx » 29 May 2012, 22:41

BrotherBrick wrote:
xXShaddowTXx wrote:To everyone else...

Sorry to anyone I may have offended, annoyed, or hurt in any way with my ridiculous commenting on the support of this website and the lack of interest in my idea. My actions were wrong and I know that. I want to share that I can see your reasons were justified for saying no and that this isn't necessarily a "needed/wanted" idea. Thus me simply getting angry due to no-one agreeing was childish and disrespectful. The support of this website is fine. I'm sorry.

Cool, glad you are getting on the ball and having a go at things. :)

What I meant (that you might have missed) was that you can use the analog to control the view/mouse aspect while using the dpad to control WASD movement.

I follow you on your logic about using the analog for movement as well, but I still have doubts as to the usefulness of that setup which is why I suggested the above which is doable now without coding.

Anyway, I wish you luck. :)

This is true, the other reason I wanted the Xbox UI is because of the simplicity in buying, selling, dropping, and equipping items. Not to mention how much easier it is to go through dialogue and other similar tasks. Also it's more comfortable to kick back with a controller and not have to make those perfect slow movements [yes speed is adjustable] with your analog stick to click on just the right spot to drag the scroll bar or select a topic.

Thank you for the luck :P


I just hit 1.4 on the site. Going to give it a break until either tomorrow or later tonight. Having a lot of fun! :) I'm experimenting a LOT in between pages so that's why I'm not moving to fast.
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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by tronvillain » 21 Dec 2012, 06:24

I personally quite like the XBox Morrowind UI, possibly because that was where I first played though Morrowind. One thing I really liked was having the individual menu screens as seperate full screens rather. I may have to go back to my XBox and have a look at the exact differences.

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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by TorbenC » 21 Dec 2012, 21:28

I plan on attempting to make it once I get good enough at C++, give it another year before I can help out on the project but it's been going good so far.

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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by cdoublejj » 20 Jan 2013, 10:29

Ir sure would be cool to pop in an hdmi cable in the laptop and whip out the 360 controller and kick back in bed.

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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by Sleix » 16 Jan 2015, 04:59

Registered just to vote.

I would love an optional controller driven interface just like the xbox version had.

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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by augustt » 17 Jan 2015, 23:28

Being able to plug my Linuxed-up Acrer c720 into our living room tv and play the modable pc version of Morrowind with a 360 pad would be just about the best thing.

I have a 360 and a copy of the Xbox goty edition; anyone taking a stab at this feel free to pm me with questions about button mapping or specifics about how the ui works there.

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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by sjek » 21 Jan 2015, 20:12

hi : )

joystick support is in development in github as fanbased.

viewtopic.php?f=6&t=867 the base code for making the interface is in place but in build testing phase.

if you don't know how to build you can write the inputs here for later implementation or help with playbugtesting later in the releases ;)

like.. how's the inventory is selected .?
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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by augustt » 24 Jan 2015, 21:00

hey there -

the "back" button brings up the inventory. the L and R triggers are used to cycle through inventory -> powers -> map -> stats. each menu is full screen. some of these youtube videos can probably illustrate that better than I can explain it in words. ... opensearch

other keys -

Left Trigger jumps
Left Bumper brings up the journal

Right Trigger attacks
Right Bumper brings up the Wait menu

Back Button brings up the subscreens, as I mentioned above
Start Button brings up the New, Save, Load, Options, Exit menu

the "A" button is for opening containers and talking to people and is generally used for confirming and selection menu items.
the "B" button behaves the same way as the "back" button and is also generally used to cancel out of menus.

"X" brings up/sheathes melee weapons
"Y" brings up/sheathes magic and powers

Pressing in the Left Stick sneaks. Pressing in the Right Stick once toggles 1st/3rd person. You can hold in the stick to unlock and rotate the camera around your character.

The digital d-pad behaves the same as the Left Stick for movement.

I got wired 360 pad in the mail yesterday - I'm not super fluent in Linux, but I got it working with some stuff yesterday using xboxdrv (some emulators, dosbox and Luftrausers) while some things wouldn't recognize it (Duke Nukem Atomic Edition, Teleglitch) so I may need some help troubleshooting it.

I'd be willing to try to build some stuff with some instruction. Let me know if there are any other questions you need answered or pictures of specific ui elements you need me to take.

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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by nopoe » 22 Feb 2015, 08:33

Whever I use a non-vertical mouse for more than a few hours my forearm starts hurting like crazy, and vertical mice aren't all that great for games, so I'm in favor of this. I wish I could help but I don't have the time. Linear algebra is kicking my butt :). Maybe this summer? Assuming that pull request doesn't get merged, at least. Seems like it's been troublesome to merge so far, and it's been a while since the last update so who knows.

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Re: Xbox UI!

Post by DrCuddlebug » 17 Mar 2015, 16:21

So now that controller support has been implemented (and despite the "floaty" mouse to joystick mapping so far I like the implementation) is there going to be a UI built for it?

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