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Randomly generated save files

Posted: 27 Apr 2021, 14:57
by ahehalftalftow
I have always struggled in TES games to not always play the same character; every play through of morrowind I end up some alchemy junkie and spear wielding badass; I was curious if it is possible [post 1.0.0?] to add an option to randomly generate a save file and load into it so as to enable less congruent playthroughs of the game. Also, it would be an excellent alternative to the game's original start...
While I have tried to do so with hex editors [Gnu BLESS] and with TESScripts, I felt I wanted to offer my idea to openmw to see if the idea would garner support.

It would make playthroughs less cookie-cuttered by muscle memory and I feel it would add to the roleplaying aspects of the game.

Re: Randomly generated save files

Posted: 27 Apr 2021, 20:46
by sanchezman
What does this kind of randomization look like? If you're just hoping for a character to start with random stats in a random location, I think that will probably be possible once openmw-lua is out.