The value of gold.

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The value of gold.

Post by ibb » 30 Jan 2020, 06:34

Im going to throw out the idea if it hasnt been done already, to allow the value of gold to be changed along with the ability to have different currency values.

Could make for better economy mods.

Any input? Would it really allow for a differemt economy?

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Re: The value of gold.

Post by lysol » 30 Jan 2020, 13:55

Would probably be a post-1.0 thing, and not built in the engine but in a lua mod.

That said, I did suggest a stock market mod for tes3mp. Inflation and deflation of currencies would deepen that a bit more, and allow for forex trading. Haha.
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Re: The value of gold.

Post by Chris » 30 Jan 2020, 15:43

How would you change the value of gold? What would the value of a gold coin be if not one gold coin?

Just think of it in terms of the Gold Standard. One gold coin is worth one gold coin, and any other item is worth some percentage or multiple of a gold coin. So if I buy something that's worth 10 gold coins, it doesn't matter if I give 10 gold coins in return or something else that they value as much as 10 gold coins. Of course, different traders can place a different value on things (some extremely so), and the value can even change over time, but having a base object of comparison helps provide a rough approximation of value.

What would help here is the ability to have something worth less than one gold, and a redone bartering UI that doesn't assume gold is the main thing that's used for payment. Making it easier to use other types of coins and gems collectively could help. Also, making gold have weight. It's a bit lame how you can be completely unburdened by having 100K gold in your pocket, yet a collection of diamonds, pearls, and other precious gems worth 100K in your pocket weighs you down.

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Re: The value of gold.

Post by Ebonair » 03 Feb 2020, 18:10

It's a bit lame how you can be completely unburdened by having 100K gold in your pocket
I had always assumed there were higher-denomination coins, like a 1K Septim that some Khajit won't break, and that Dunmer put under a scanner before they accept it.

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Re: The value of gold.

Post by ibb » 04 Feb 2020, 09:19

One of my first thoughts was exactly that, the value of gold is just 1, and it doesn't matter if that value is different. Having a value of less than 1 really is the main benefit.

It would be easier to devalue many items than to increase the value to create proportions. Misc objects could be worth cents for example than just 1 coin. Currently it is impossible to say, add new coin types like copper, silver, and gold as an example. What about paper money or even bonds? It could serve as a way to categorize merchandise further.

I understand all said and done that the current system can achieve the same proportions and effects as being able to add or change currency, but with immersion breaking effect like have 100,000 gold coins in your pocket as stated.

The addition of weight to gold is a really good thought.

I have other thoughts on money as well, such as items really having a value of 0 or being unsellable or unavailable for purchase
Supply and demand affecting prices.
Maybe the proportion of buy/sell price should increase with time.

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