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Posted: 09 May 2019, 13:28
by Laicus
Apologize for my bad English, I write with the help of Google translate.
For those who prefer the stealth style of the game, there are at least four annoying things in Morrowind (actually much more):
1. When a player does not sneak, enemies see him with their nape
2. It is impossible to hide when detected (except for invisibility, but this is temporary and cheat, the chameleon is generally mega cheat, but this is another story)
3. When player attack in stealth mode, mobs have no reaction to the attacked allies and to the corpses
4. In stealth mode, it is impossible to climb even on small obstacles

I made a mod that allows you to "bounce" a little (quickly move upwards) in stealth mode, but if a player is very close to the ceiling, he passes through it (I think this is an OpenMW glitch), and if he stays in the air for a while (if the obstacle is lower than the height of the jump) the stealth is turned off and the enemies again see the player with their backs, if it happened at close range, it would be normal (reaction to the sound), but at a great distance it is very stupid.
And in general, local ai is no good at all.)

Re: Stealth

Posted: 13 May 2019, 09:13
by Laicus
Is it possible to at least disable the restriction on the jump when you sneak? It's just ridiculous and very inconvenient.
Although, it would have been better to have the opportunity to climb small obstacles without leaving the stealth mode, or at least the auto-jump, ala Minecraft.

Re: Stealth

Posted: 14 May 2019, 04:46
by raevol
Hi Laicus-

The sort of things you are asking for would have to be added post-1.0, and through functionality that will need to be developed as part of de-hardcoding the current game mechanics. The vision for 1.0 is to exactly replicate the vanilla engine mechanics, but to enable these sort of changes through mods after 1.0 is released.