Fix The Lady Lover and Steed Birthsigns

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Re: Fix The Lady Lover and Steed Birthsigns

Post by Jemolk » 14 Feb 2019, 02:34

TamrielCitizen wrote:
14 Feb 2019, 01:07
In my opinion, Issue #1751 is a perfect example of a case where OpenMW should definitely offer an option to have either behaviour, as there are clearly people with different preferences.

To summarise:
  1. There are obviously people who believe that Vanilla Behaviour of Abilities is better.
  2. There are reasonable arguments that the Vanilla Behaviour is not a bug, but a deliberate choice by the developers.
  3. The behaviour of Abilities has implications for such things as Maximum Health, Maximum Attribute Values and Faction Requirements - all of those things currently behave differently in OpenMW than in the Vanilla Engine as a result.
  4. Abilities having special gameplay mechanics is consistent with other origin types of Magic (such as Curses, Diseases, etc.) having special gameplay mechanics.
  5. Special gameplay mechanics of Abilities make this origin type of Magic unique, allowing Mods to take advantage of this uniqueness and making it possible that some Mods may be relying on it.
  6. There are also people who like current behaviour of Abilities in OpenMW and at least one Mod may be relying on it.
  7. People are continuing to argue about this issue, and there are periodically duplicate bug-reports on the bugtracker about it by new people.
Therefore, the best solution I see is to add an option to have either behaviour. I also believe that Vanilla Behaviour should be made the default one, all of the above considered.

Also, something that I've mentioned before: Abilities modify Base Values (as opposed to Modified Values) of both Attributes and Skills. I hope the developers are already aware of this, but I think it's unwise to just assume they are. Considering the length of the discussion, this information may have been overlooked when I first mentioned it.
You're probably right. And I know I've been fairly stubborn on this one, as well. Also, a thought. It's the fact that Abilities modify the base value of skills specifically that would interfere with Graywander's mod. Meanwhile, it's the way they don't affect the base value of attributes that has others annoyed. If someone can set them up to be toggled independently, having base attributes and modified skills affected as a default would probably result in the fewest compatibility issues by default. Not sure it's worth it to do that, though, not being potentially so close to 1.0 and starting dehardcoding everything. I'd do it, but, well, I don't have the skill, and don't have the time to aquire it either. :(

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