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Re: Race scaling

Post by Hidronax » 03 Oct 2016, 14:14

Zobator wrote: Exactly. IIRC, the process was fairly simple. Open the animation file in a editor (not sure which one he used). Scale up/down a body part in the animation and then reduce the size back to normal length in the longitudinal axis. That's how he created monstrous bodybuilder-arms or really skinny arms...
It shouldn't be hard to do in 3ds Max, Blender or even NifSkope. If Morrowind allowed using different base animations for each race, once could even make his bodybuilder race.

What I want to do is fairly similiar. I'd like the OpenMW engine to use the 'weight' of each race to automatically scale the distance of the arms/legs from the spine, and set the X and Y scale of each bone.

Maybe the developers might even add body sliders that change the scale of certain bones (arms and upper spine for muscles, lower spine for fat etc) but that would be harder to make IMO.
MiroslavXO wrote:Send me .fbx of a scene if you have.
I'm afraid I did not understand. Do you want a body part (ex: upper arm) or a full, skinned body?

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