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Post by openmwfan27 » 12 May 2016, 01:09

Not sure whether the forum or bug tracker is the best place to write some feature requests / suggestions.

In OpenMW-CS it would be really good if you could drop two panels on top of eachother to create a tabset with a tab for each widget in that set.

Another handy feature would be the ability to save the layout and the open panels and either reload the last used layout next time OpenMW-CS is run, or the ability to load the layout from the file menu somewhere.

Because you could be working on more then one game the saved layout will probably have to ommit some of the contextual details, e.g if you are working on a morrowind mod and have a cell open in the render panel, when you close your project and load up another game, such as the OpenMW example suite then it's obvious that the example suite most likely won't contain the exact cell you were previously working on in morrowind, so it should just load the render panel without any cell loaded.

Being able to do the above gives you more control over the workspace you're using for the job at hand, and reduces the need to setup your workspace from scratch every single time you run OpenMW-CS.

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